To Dr Clover 2nd Response Needed For Unit 2 Week 1
To Dr Clover nd Response Needed For
To Dr Clover nd Response
Dr Clover nd Response Needed For Unit Week
To Dr Clover nd
Response Needed For Unit Week
To Dr Clover
To Dr. Clover (2nd Response Needed For Unit 2 Week 1)

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1. What questions do you have about the overarching Unit 5 assignment? Although not due until the end of the class, it is important that you begin planning for this project early in the course. What are your initial thoughts about how you will approach this assignment? Explain. I would like to know is it a word document or power point and where is the template that it says is there. After I find out what type of document it is I would start now to gain as much knowledge that I can get in order to write the proper paper/power point and not be in such a hurry write and rewrite until it sounds good. 2. Using the product you chose in Unit 1 discussion board, List two features of the product and assess how they transform into benefits for you; determine consumer behavior towards your product as compared to their current behavior towards your competitor’s product. Discuss how the product fits your lifestyle or psychographic. Since I didn’t choose a specific product I choose a service instead so that being said I use whole foods because of the organic and healthy foods they supply even though they are more expensive in nature. Whole foods was recently bought out by Amazon which I am currently a prime member that being said they now offer me a savings on anything I buy through whole foods which helps offset the higher prices. I am worried about my health and constantly working out and walking especially since I’m in my late 50’s healthy foods are a necessity to help prolong a healthy lifestyle. 3. Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, what level of need will your ‘improved’ product meet? Explain. Physiological need would be the healthy food that I am consuming will help prolong a healthy life Safety&Security need helps keep me healthy Social need none Esteem needs helps me feel better about myself and my health (self-esteem) Self-actualizing needs realizing my potential of being healthy 4. Draft a mission statement for your product and set three (3) specific applicable marketing goals which you would like to meet in your marketing strategy Whole foods is here to help the average consumer maintain a healthy lifestyle through our organic and naturals foods. Goals: To be the number one organic and natural food supermarket at a reasonable price To educate the consumer how healthy eating can help promote a healthy lifestyle Help with the local growers within the area on how to grow more types of organic foods that whole foods would then purchase. Requested : a month ago Due: 18/06/2018 Quote:


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