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A wiki provides an opportunity to summarize information on a topic. Our topic for this wiki is accounts receivable for medical practices. You can read a little about this in Chapter 6 of your book on page 92. Most medical services are not paid for in cash, so administrators and managers must understand how to manage insurance payments due from third party payers. Your job is to find an article or video that is relevant to this topic. This article does not have to be a scholarly article from the library (but this is recommended), it must be credible. Summarize the article or watch the video and summarize what you learned. Include the link to the article or video. If you choose a video, it is a great idea to include the video (or link to the video) on your wiki page. Need information or instructions on how to create a wiki page? See below: Click Create Wiki Page on the action bar to begin. Please add meaningful titles to your wiki pages so they are easy to scan in the side panel. Edit any page you want except this one as it holds the instructions. Feel free to use the Comments function also. After several pages are added, use a page's contextual menu and select History to see how a page has been edited. While you may edit a page, please DO NOT delete anything a fellow student has written. Click on the link below "Week 2 Wiki: Accounts Receivable" to see a wiki page about cash flow and accounts receivable. Requested : a month ago Due: 17/06/2018 Quote:


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