IT governance Models
IT governance
IT governance Models
governance Models

45 IT governance Models

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After watching the videos below and reading about the Balanced Scorecard in Chapter 12, compare and contrast the Balanced Scorecard to one of the IT frameworks below (COBIT, ITIL, TOGAF, CMMI-Dev). Describe the context in which the Balanced Scorecard and the IT framework would be used. The paper should 3-4 pages in APA format, not counting the title and reference pages. Make sure you include in-text citations. Your paper should cite at least 3 peer-reviewed articles on IT governance frameworks. The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link. Use the resources below to help you with this week's assignment. Read the following chapters in the textbook: Chapter 12 - "IT Strategy and Balanced Scorecard" Chapter 12 - IT Strategy and Balanced Scorecard.pptx explains how the Balanced Scorecard can be used in IT strategies. Chapter 12 - IT Strategy and Balanced Scorecard.pptx: Chapter12-ITStrategyandBalancedScorecard.pptx Requested : a month ago Due: 17/06/2018 Quote:


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