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Your reading describes several transitions and life events that can occur during middle adulthood. While many of those in middle adulthood thrive, that is not always the case, as evidenced by the occurance of midlife crises. Create a presentation (using PowerPoint, or your favorite slideshow tool) in which you address the following: Identify and describe three challenges typically faced in middle adulthood (make sure to cite sources) - minimum 3 slides Identify and describe three recommendations for how to overcome those challenges (make sure to cite sources) - minimum 3 slides Offer two detailed suggestions for how thrive in middle adulthood (make sure to cite sources) - minimum 2 slides You must cite your unit reading and/or outside sources to support your statements. I'm not looking for opinions here - you must support your statements and suggestions with cited sources. Include a reference slide at the end, with your references in APA format, and use in-text citations on your slides. Keep in mind that I'm also not looking for you to copy and paste information from the reading/websites and stick it into your slides. You can use a direct quote if you feel you need to, but it must have quotation marks around it to indicate that it is a direct quote. Everything else will need to be in your own words (paraphrase), followed by an in-text citation to indicate where the information came from. I want to see your writing, not what you've copied and pasted from other writers. Read this helpful guide on paraphrasing. At least 80% of your assignment needs to be in your own words. Make sure that you give each slide a title so it is clear which slides are focused on challenges and which slides are focused on recommendations and suggestions. Be sure to include images or graphics to make your slides visually appealing. LifespanDevelopment.pdf Requested : a month ago Due: 17/06/2018 Quote:


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