Health Care Case 3 Assignment
Health Care Case
Health Care
Health Care Case Assignment
Health Care
Case Assignment

Health Care Case 3 Assignment

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Required Reading Berke, D. M. (2016). Drive-by-doctoring: Contractual issues and regulatory solutions to increase patient protection from surprise medical bills. American Journal of Law and Medicine, 42(1), 170-189. Computers, software; minimizing Medicare fraud internally. (2015). State & Local Health Law Weekly, 23. DuBois, J. M., Walsh, H. A., Chibnall, J. T., Anderson, E. E., Eggers, M. R., Fowose, M., & Ziobrowski, H. (2017). Sexual violation of patients by physicians: A mixed-methods, exploratory analysis of 101 cases. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment. ePub. Retrieved from: Hospitals sued: Claims of sexual abuse, harassment. (2016, April 1) Healthcare Risk Management, 38(4). Retrieved from the Trident Online Library. Kim, C. J. (2014). The trial of Conrad Murray: Prosecuting physicians for criminally negligent over-prescription. American Criminal Law Review 51(517). Retrieved from: Licensed professional counselors sentenced for roles in


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