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essay3 About 1200-1500 words

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Here is the thing from the professor: In the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed, one of the themes that stand out is identity. For the essay, you will first (in your introduction) identify how Cheryl identifies. What are the different ways she sees herself? What various masks have she tried on? And what ultimately shaped her identity (this should all be included in your introduction). Next, explain how YOU identify. What 3-4 things make you, you? This will become your thesis, something like “Being a mother, professor, a runner, and a wife are the four main identities that make me, me!” This will be your “thesis”. Your body paragraphs will focus on ONE identity. Did you choose this identity? How does this identity define you? Do you struggle with or face any hardships because of this identity? Devote one paragraph per identity. You do not need to do any outside research for these body paragraphs; instead, draw on your own personal experience. You may also reference Wild if you see fit. In your conclusion restate Cheryl’s thesis on identity as well as your own. Finally, make sure to open your conclusion up to the bigger picture. How do all your identities, or do all your identities, work together to make you uniquely you? Or do you struggle with finding your identity, much like Cheryl? Odds and Ends: The essay needs to be 4-5 pages long, typed, double-spaced, and 12 pt font Please include in-text citations as well as works cited (remember, you are referencing Wild) Late submissions for this essay WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED due to grade deadlines. If you have an issue turning in your essay, please let me know right away. Any essays submitted after the deadline without prior arrangements will result in a 0 some info about me student- first year in college, major in Econ teen- 19 years old, no idea what we need to do, what should we do immigration- be US since 14, female- equal right Requested : a month ago Due: 17/06/2018 Quote:


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