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Write a reflective summary of Week 1 that discusses the importance of what you have learned from your readings or searches on the Internet. In addition, you will discuss how this knowledge will be useful to you in your weekly debate arguments or the final project as well as a practicing public administrator. Select at least three topics from the weekly readings and discuss how they can be applied to your final project. In addition, research for appropriate resources that will be required to complete your final project and provide quantifiable proof of their validity and usefulness in completing the final project. The information you incorporate in your weekly summaries may include material as it relates to the three domains of learning: cognitive, affective, and conative. Cognitive learning relates to the action or process of knowing. In other words, what did you learn about public administration this week that you did not already know? Affective learning relates to how you felt about your learning. In other words, what were your feelings about this week’s content and workload? Conative learning relates to volition, will, level of effort, intention, and approaches to problem solving. In other words, what did you do with regard to enhancing your learning this week? This week’s reflective summary should also include details about the state or locality where you are working or would like to work. For example, you can include statistics (such as educational statistics, healthcare statistics, and poverty statistics) and national ratings (such as the crime rating, the number of people uninsured, and the number of people below poverty line). In addition, include details about the following: How the state and local governments interact How the power sharing takes place How power sharing takes place between state and local governments through the ninth and tenth amendments The resources available to you in your area Submission Details: Complete your reflective summary in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. apa format and cite all sources Requested : a month ago Due: 18/06/2018 Quote:


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