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I need help for the following questions. 1. List the five major components that make up an organization's HRM system. 2. Provide one example of how a manager can recruit externally, and one example of how a manager can hire internally. 3. We have six selection tools that can help managers determine the qualifications of job applicants and evaluate candidates. List two of these tools and provide your brief example to describe when/why you would choose to use the selection tool. 4. List three of the more popular subjective measures used for performance appraisal. 5. answer the following questions: a. What are psychological contracts based on? b. What are the four categories/types of psychological contracts? 6. the difference between intrinsically and extrinsically motivated behavior. 7. According to expectancy theory, what are three major factors that determine a person's motivation level? 8. What is the prime motivator of behavior according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? 9. Based on goal setting theory, when are the highest levels of employee performance usually reached? 10. what are five ways a manager can improve employees' perceptions of fairness when allocating necessary resources? 11. Define leadership. Are there any parts of the definition with which you strongly agree or disagree? Briefly, explain. 12. List five sources of managerial power. 13. Briefly describe the types of behaviors a leader engages in when he/she is displaying: a.) consideration behaviors; and b.) initiating structure behaviors. 14. List three ways transformational leaders can influence their followers. 15. Select two traits you believe contribute most to effective leadership. Briefly, explain your selections. 16. Managers may encounter many opportunities to form groups that are small or large. Respond to the following questions about small and large groups. a. What is the typical size of a small group? b. What is the typical size of a large group? c. What is one advantage of forming a small group? d. What is one disadvantage of forming a small group? e. What is one advantage of forming a large group? f. What is one disadvantage of forming a large group? 17. What can a manager do to reduce role ambiguity? 18. What level of cohesiveness tends to be a good for groups (low, moderate, or high)? Briefly, explain. 19. Based on social facilitation theory, explain when being part of a group will increase or decrease an individual's performance level. 20. List three steps a manager can take to reduce social loafing.


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