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QUESTION 1 The rate of economic growth per capita in France from 1996 to 2000 was 1.9% per year, while in Korea over the same period it was 4.2%. Per capita real GDP was $28,900 in France in 2003, and $12,700 in Korea. Assume the growth rates for each country remain the same. Compute the doubling time for France's per capita real GDP. Compute the doubling time for Korea's per capita real GDP. What will France's per capita real GDP be in 2045? What will Korea's per capita real GDP be in 2045? QUESTION 2 Assume that the banking system is loaned up and that any open-market purchase by the Fed directly increases reserves in the banks. If the required reserve ratio is 0.2, by how much could the money supply expand if the Fed purchased $2 billion worth of bonds? QUESTION 3 Please explain in three well-structured paragraphs the basic arguments stated by the Real-Business-Cycle (RBC) Theory, regarding economic fluctuations. (MUST GIVE APA-REFERENCE OF SOURCE). WONT ACCEPT SHORT PARAGRAPH


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