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I am looking for help with completing the following assignment that is due today at 8:00 pm. Please help! The National Response Framework Over the years there have been some good responses to various disasters and there have also been some terrible responses. Responses to hazards generally always begin at the local level and then depending on the hazard can escalate to the national level. Some of this stems from a variety of leadership challenges and how well we are prepared for the event. At the end of Chapter 9 there are three case studies (i.e., London Terrorist Attack, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Response to Hurricane Katrina). Select one of these studies for this assignment. Look at the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) (addressed in Chapter 9) and the National Response Framework (NRF) (also addressed in Chapter 9) and speculate on how the changes to these programs would make a difference to the response should the disaster occur today. In your paper Address why changes were necessary in the existing response structure which lead to the NRF in use today. Based on the case study you selected from Chapter 9, explain how a response dictated by the NRF and NIMS would be different if the disaster occurred today. Discuss whether or not you think states should take a more active role in emergency management at the local level, and if implementation of the NRF usurps state responsibility and jurisdiction when responding to a disaster? The National Response Framework paper Must be two to three pages in length. Must use at least two scholarly sources or official government sources in addition to the course text.


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