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Pubic goods The t
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Pubic goods The t?

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Im having difficulties with all this public good problem. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.47.26 PM.png Pubic goods The ?t? Council ofTrun-Ipuille is considering sell'I-Igthe newest ofthethree hrimes that cross the riuer that ?ows through town to a private bridge opelator. it is also :onsiderirg leasing the rights to provide the annual Fourd'l oanuiIlr Frenro?s d'Epia'yr to a private ”pan-y. [ll-Ice privatized the brithe and the ?reworks diipla'lf would be supported bythefees colectedfrorrl the users tithe br'lige and viewersof the Frewo?s. 3-H. Would boththe- br'lige and ?ie?ewo?is be considered public goods? Explain. 31. Why-mil provision of?'le Flewmks bythe market he 'I-Ief?derlt? 32. Why- would we especl: provision doublil: goo-d5 hf government m'ghl: also be hef?ljent? Ih'l-It, this '5 NET aslr'ltg about :onmtinn ?rlilz'lf IZHJI'EHIHZIEL‘LI


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