Hello instructor Can you help for me about assigment
Hello instructor Can you help for me
Hello instructor Can you help
instructor Can you help for me about assigment
Hello instructor Can you
help for me about assigment
Hello instructor Can
Hello instructor. Can you help for me about assigment ?

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Hello instructor. Can you help for me about assigment ?. You write summary after you read essay of author. Thank you very much. This is my assigment my name is beau Caldwell I live in Cupertino California which is in the Bay Area and I'm the author of city of tranquil light I've never been to Iowa City this is my first time I've heard about it forever and I'm here to read courtesy of prairie lights from the new novel I've always made my living as a writer and I feel really fortunate that way I started I was hired by IBM as a technical writer a year after I graduated from college I was an English major where the creative writing focus from Stanford and I worked as a technical writer off and on for a long time I go straight some business books right now or go or edit them heavily and it's really gratifying to me to be writing I feel strongly that for me no writing is wasted so even if I'm working on something that has nothing to do with my fiction it comes back to help me later on I've seen it again and again and I'm happy when I'm writing I'm happier when I'm writing my own fiction but I'm happy when I'm writing I have two kids who are now 25 almost in 27 but when they were little I was really trying to write short stories and stay with it I hadn't I was on maternity leave so I remember writing with them in my arms I remember writing 50 for 15 minutes if I got it time became very valuable and I think the challenges for me always change my kids are grown and out of the house but there there's always something that can get in the way of writing whether it's just being comfortable physically finding the time first drafts are excruciating for me so that's painful i recharge my writing batteries the best way I know is reading good fiction especially fiction but nonfiction - I also read poetry to kind of warm up and it encourages me it inspires me and it reminds me of what I'm doing it reminds me that it's about the work just reading beautiful writing makes me want to write even if I know or even if I don't think I can do it as well as that writer dead reading beautiful sentences makes me want to get to work and makes me want to makes me say sort of maybe I could do that even if I couldn't do it as well as that person maybe I could do that and makes me want to get to work I'm trying to think there's a word or a phrase in drafts that I often cut well I think I have some kind of go to things I think when I'm setting a scene yeah when I'm setting a scene and I want to I go back and I look at the different senses maybe the first time around it was very visual that's my first take and it's also very emotional I'm very aware of what my characters are feeling but then I go back to it and think about other senses you know or am I doing anything with taster am i good doing anything with feel smell all that so one thing that I've gone back to and I may be embarrassing myself because I can't remember how much it's in either of the novels a dog barked in the distance and that just helps even if I cut it later that helps me as a writer to kind of get beyond the room or the the yard or wherever I am fictionally and to remember that there's a whole world out there and to think about what's happening two blocks away or something like that so a dog barked in the distance is my go to distance thing IATI is very important to my writing it's very central and that's changed in the last maybe seven or eight years I had a spiritual life several years ago but then I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2004 and I had to put the novel that I was working on city of tranquil light on the back burner for a while while I went through chemo and radiation I'm healthy today but by when I came back to that novel I was no longer interested in just doing it for myself I wanted my spirituality to be part of it and I wanted to know that it was kind of the thing that was meant for me to be doing right now I didn't want to do it in the simply and would be I didn't want to do it if God wasn't involved the question who is a writer is something I kind of think about because when you have a book come out and you start doing some readings or you get some reviews or something like that it's very easy for me to kind of jump it's tempting to jump the fence and it starts to seem that writing is about publication but a writer isn't someone who's published a writer is somebody who writes and it's really important to me I don't I don't I'm not great about working every day but I try to and even if I'm writing just kind of some longhand stuff I'm using my writing muscles so to me a writer is somebody who writes consistently


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